How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

    The single most important flight tip to remember? The perfect flight does not exist. Spending 15 hours sardined in a large metal tube with bad food, minimal space and insomniac babies isn’t conducive to creating a breezy travel scenario. But take a handful of forward-thinking and precautionary measures before and during the flight, and you’ll […]

    The 10 best places to eat in Byron Bay

    For reasons that are entirely understandable, Byron Bay has evolved from its former mantle as spiritual home to Australia’s hippie community and is now an internationally name-checked holiday haunt for a generous mix of archetypes. Alongside keen surf hipsters there for the waves, holidaying families there for the leisurely cadence, and the annual pilgrimage of […]

    Where to stay in Sydney

    There’s nothing better than knowing your hotel is only a short distance away from all you’ve come to explore in a new city. But in a city as big as Sydney, how do you decide which neighbourhood is best for you? Do you choose accommodation in the middle of the city, by the beach, somewhere […]

    How to survive your first trip as a couple

    Ernest Hemingway said, “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love”. While you might not be in ‘L word’ territory just yet, a trip with your significant other is one that can either make or break your blossoming romance. Here are 10 tips to help survive your first trip travelling as a couple, […]

    The rise of Hong Kong cinema

    At the intersection of eastern and western cultures, Hong Kong is a city of innovation. From its iconic skyline rising up from the sea to its status as an independent city-state at the edge of China, Hong Kong refuses to conform. So it’s no wonder this city’s cinematic landscape is so special. Today, Hong Kong’s […]

    The HotelClub Scholarship

    Win a Scholarship! Do you live to travel and have a passion for online? is offering a scholarship of $1000AUD towards the cost of students tuition fees and textbooks. HotelClub is a global online accommodation community for travellers in the know. Our valued members receive Club Benefits every time they book with us, […]

    Where to eat, drink and live like a local in Sydney

    If I was to tell you about a few local favourite haunts in Sydney that will immeasurably improve your next visit to the city, could you keep a secret? They may be the kinds of places you are unlikely to find in your newest travel guide, but would like to slip in between its pages […]

    The greatest quotes about travel

    Need a final push to spur on your next big adventure? Heed the inspiring words of some of the world’s most iconic explorers, adventurers, writers and icons, who took the plunge into the great unknown and lived to tell the tale. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do […]