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Galle History

  • Fort Walls - A fortress built by the British in 1873. You can walk the entire circuit in about one to two hours.
  • Dutch Reformed Church - Built in 1640, the floor of the church is paved in gravestones that come from an old Dutch cemetery.
  • Old Town Galle - Marked as a World Heritage Site, you can view ramparts, fortifications and a lighthouse.
  • Cathedral of St Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary - A church built by the Society of Jesus in 1874.
  • Amangalla Luxury Hotel - This is a fivestar Galle hotel, parts of which were built in 1684. It was previously known as the New Oriental Hotel.

Galle Art & Culture ... Read more »

  • National Museum - It includes information on lace making, a few traditional masks and some religious items on display.
  • National Maritime Archaeology Museum - Built in 1711 by the Dutch, this museum contains coral beds, deep-sea fish and information on different fishing methods.
  • South Ceylon Industrial Agency and Handicraft Factories - You can watch local craftsmen and women make a variety of handcrafted Galle goods.
  • Exotic Roots - A local French artist named Catherine makes colourful home decorations with her daughter.
  • Ariyapala Mask Museum - Watch the mask-making process from start to finish. Also features an educational tour focused on the significance of the masks in Sri Lankan culture.

Galle Shopping

  • Ibrahim Jewellery - A place where you can get high-quality jewellery.
  • Suthuvili Gallery - An interesting place that sells elaborate polychromatic masks.
  • Shoba Display Gallery - The base for Power of Hands Foundation that teaches local women about dying crafts.
  • Historical Mansion - Contains a private collection that includes colonial Galle artefacts and jewellery. Most items are for sale.
  • Elephant Walk - A local arcade that sells a variety of unique curio items and English books.

Gay & Lesbian Galle

  • Companions on a Journey - A GLBT organization that focuses on fighting for the rights of gay individuals in Galle.
  • Andrees Tours - A gay- and lesbian-friendly tour operator that organizes tours around Sri Lanka.
  • Brief - The private garden of Bevis Baca that features interestingly provocative sculptures and a large collection of paintings and photographs. Adults only.
  • Sri Lanka Trekking Nature Holidays - A GLBT-friendly Galle tour organization that focuses on
  • outdoor excursions.
  • Lush - A disco located in Colombo that is popular with the local gay and lesbian community.

Galle Outdoor

  • Juliet Coombe - Local celebrities will take you on a tour of Galle.
  • Adventure Asia International - Specializes in hot-air balloon rides over the area.
  • Blue Deep Dive Centre - Spend the day exploring underwater. It also gives diving lessons.
  • Sinharaja Forest Reserve - A nature preserve containing unspoiled forest and a variety of birds.
  • Coral Sanctuary - Take a trip in a glass-bottom boat to see the coral in the local water.

Galle Sport

  • Watch the Galle Cricket Club play at the Galle International Stadium.
  • Go golfing at the Royal Colombo Golf Club.
  • Work on your game at the Yoga Jeewaprabha sports clinic.
  • Go water skiing on the Indian Ocean.
  • Go surfing on the Indian Ocean.
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The Fortress Sri Lanka Resort Galle
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Koggala Beach Galle

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