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Beruwela, Sri Lanka

Beruwela is a resort town located in the southwest of Sri Lanka. This charming coastal town is located 34 miles south of Colombo and 9 miles south of Kalutara. Located just south of Beruwela is the most famous beach resort in Sri Lanka, Bentota Beach. Visitors can enjoy tropical fruits, sunny days, hypnotic ocean landscape and relaxing intimate sceneries in this tropical paradise. ... Read more »

Beruwela History

  • Kechimalai Mosque – The oldest mosque in Sri Lanka, where Muslims first settled in 1024 AD.
  • Galle – A magnificent Dutch fort and World Heritage Site popular with visitors and locals alike.
  • Brief Gardens – Originally a rubber plantation owned by the architect Bevis Bawa, the gardens have been proudly displaying interesting flora and fauna and beautiful sculptures of male nudes since 1929.
  • Sri Kalyanarama Maha Viharaya – A magnificent temple in Beruwela that houses an ancient marble statue of Buddha.
  • Sleeping Buddha – Near Benota, this unique sleeping statue of Buddha attracts its fair share of tourists.

Beruwela Art & Culture

  • Kande Vihare Buddhist Temple – A historic temple on the hill providing mental and spiritual solace since 1734, which boasts the tallest Buddha statue in Bhoomi Sparsh Mudra.
  • Aluthgama – A weekly fair takes place on Monday, enticing visitors to partake in sampling a variety of local delicacies.
  • Ariyapala Mask Museum – Features a large collection of unique and enchanting masks to delight even the most experienced Mardi Gras enthusiast.
  • Dambulla – A visit to the Rock Caves Temple, a World Heritage Site in Beruwela, with more than 80 documented caves containing statues and paintings, is a formidable experience.
  • Sri Pushparam Temple – For a day of peace, experience the ambience surrounding this temple.

Beruwela Shopping

  • Ranga Wine Stores – Most stores carry a mix of imported and local varieties.
  • Meetiyagoda – If you are in the market for jewellery made of semi-precious stones, you have come to the right place.
  • Beru Jewel Crafts – This is a government-approved gem and jewellery shop, where buyers are assured of the quality of the merchandise.
  • China Fort – This renowned gem trade centre has been operating for centuries and a significant portion of world gems are traded here.
  • Dharga – This Muslim village near Beruwela is the best place to shop for local arts and crafts.

Gay & Lesbian Beruwela

  • Ceysands – Enjoy elegant accommodations and many first-class amenities and services, from herbal massages to simple treks along the beautiful Bentota River.
  • Unawatuna Beach Resort – Exciting night life, an amazing beach vacation, enticing local delicacies and exotic cocktails all while being pampered.
  • Le Garage – The main night club closest to Beruwala rocks on weekends.
  • The Pub – Located in Kandy, near Beruwela, it boasts two good bars, but not recommended for unaccompanied single travellers.
  • Ypsylon – A beautiful pristine beach, but take along lots of mosquito repellent.

Beruwela Outdoors

  • Kosgoda Sea Turtle Project – Visit this project that since 1988 has aimed to monitor turtle activity and educate the public on these endangered creatures.
  • Moonstone Mine – One of the few places where blue gleaming moonstone is mined.
  • Fishing Harbour – A small fishing port that is abuzz with activities in the evening.
  • Pinnewala – Enjoy this unforgettable orphanage, where more than 60 elephant orphans live with their human foster parents.
  • Hikkaduwa – Take a glass-bottom boat ride to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs of Beruwela.

Beruwela Sport

  • Take a boat trip on Madu Ganga.
  • A swim over the coral reefs can be fun.
  • Trek through the Sinharaja forest reserve.
  • Walk the many beaches that are unbelievable stretches of honey-coloured sand set amidst lush tropical greenery.
  • Explore the Beruwela harbour for a nominal entry fee.

Beruwela Attractions

  • Beruwela Golden Mile Beach
  • Turtle Hatchery
  • Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage

Beruwela Activities

  • Visit the oldest Islamic Kachimalai Mosque
  • Climb the Beruwela Lighthouse that stands 20 feet above
  • Watch fishermen offload their catches in the Beruwela Fishing Harbour

Beruwela Climate

Due to Beruwela’s near-equatorial location, the place is hot and sunny with temperature around 30ºC. December through March are the most popular months to visit, although there is no off-season in this town. During these times, rainfalls and humidity are low. The rainy season is from April to November, and drier months are July and August.

Getting There & Around

The major Beruwela airport is Sri Lanka's International Airport, which is 75 km away from the town. Visitors from India and Europe are served by Bandaranaike International Airport. From the airport, buses and taxis are available to take visitors to their destinations.

Local buses link all the towns via Galle Road, and Aluthgama is the major transport hub available in getting around Beruwela and Moragalle. Tuk-tuk rides are also very popular for local travel.

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