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Favourite Cities and Hotels in South Africa

Drakensberg Hotels


The Drakensberg Rundown

Formerly known by the Dutch as Dragon Mountain, Drakensberg is the highest mountain range in South Africa. The natives call this region ‘Barrier of Spears’ and it is commonly referred to as the Zulu Kingdom. Activities and adventures abound in this area and include hunting, hiking and fishing. ... Read more »

The northern part of the region holds the largest river in the Province, the Tugela River. Many visitors go to see this magnificent river plunge over the plateau of the Mont-aux-Sources. Tugela Falls is the second highest waterfall in the world.

Other outdoor activities that are a must do and see while in Drakensberg are Mikes Pass, Cathedral Peak and Weenen Game Reserve. After spending a day outdoors, visitors will enjoy exploring the many towns of Drakensberg. There are museums like Greytown and Winterton, breweries such as Nottingham Road, and Shakaland to visit with friends and family while discovering this stunning region of South Africa. Drakensberg is a different kind of holiday that lures those who want to feel fresh air in their lungs, and refresh their souls with nature's beauty.

When To Go

Drakensberg has a warm sub-tropical climate almost all year round. However, during the summer months of November through April the weather can be hot and humid. The winters are cool and clear with abundant snowfall in the mountains. Precipitation is concentrated during the rainy summer season (December, January and February). Daily thundershowers pour rain constantly, but there are still plenty of days filled with sunshine. Depending on the activity, Drakensberg can be explored almost any time of year.

  • December through February (summer): Average daily high is 28°C (82°F)
  • March through May (autumn): Average daily high is 26°C (78°F)
  • June through August (winter): Average daily high is 22°C (71°F)
  • September through October (spring): Average daily high is 25°C (77°F)

Getting There

Reaching Drakensberg by air is done through Durban International Airport. Situated approximately three hours from Drakensberg, the airport offers visitors the availability of cars for hire to get them to their accommodations. With international flights as well as domestic, Durban will get passengers from all major areas throughout South Africa.

Upon arrival, tourists can easily reach Drakensberg and the surrounding areas in South Africa by car. The N3, a toll road, is the major road through KwaZulu-Natal and connects to Durban, which is south of Johannesburg. There are regional roads that branch from N3 and will carry visitors to wherever they want to go.

There are regular bus services that run between Durban and the Johannesburg/Pretoria area. Stops include Pietermaritzburg and the Amphitheatre inside the Royal Natal National Park. For door-to-door service, there is shuttle service by Underberg/NUD Express. This service offers routes between Sani Pass, Underberg and other areas in the Drakensberg region.

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Stonehaven Lodge & Conference Centre Drakensberg
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Nottingham Road Drakensberg Kwazulu Natal 3280

Offering cosy accommodation and convenient facilities, the Stonehaven Lodge & Conference Centre Drakensberg is a perfe... More hotel details


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