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Pert Puerto Galera

Like a middle-aged man, Puerto Galera doesn’t see as much action as it did in its heyday. As the nearby beaches and islands become more accessible (and developed), people are forgetting to visit the most beautiful harbour in the Philippines. Sheltered on all sides, that harbour offers an amazing outlook and is the slower-beating heart of Puerto Galera. ... Read more »

Speaking of middle-aged men, chances are you’ll see a few of them in Puerto Galera, as it’s a popular destination for yachts – and those who sail ’em. While the sea’s surface may be bobbing with boats, beneath the waves you will find dolphins, clams and coral. You can go snorkelling from Small Laguna Beach or dive deeper and visit the Sabang Wrecks.The area also offers unspoilt jungles and waterfalls, such as the Aninuan Falls.

Puerto Galera’s Top 10

10. Python Cave Rumour has it this is home to a big python, so stay alert!

5. Puerto Galera Yacht ClubJoin them on a Wednesday afternoon for a fun little yacht race.

9. Reptile Zoo Everything you would expect, including crocodiles, snakes and lizards.

4. Hidden Valley You’ll feel like you’re in Jurassic Park walking through this hidden paradise.

8. Mangyan Settlement This is where the natives live and maintain their traditional culture.

3. White Beach Take a boat to White Beach and feel like a conqueror. As the boat pulls close to shore, you have to jump out and wade through knee-high water to reach the beach.

7. Excavation Museum Like a pirate, this little room keeps hold of its treasures, many found on shipwrecks. Unlike a pirate, it won’t slit your throat while you sleep.

2. Sabang A short boat ride will transport you to the best diving locations in the area.

6. Anaconda Floating Bar A free boat takes patrons to and from this unique bar that’s 50 metres (164 feet) out to sea.

1. Tamaraw Falls Swim in deep jungle pools beneath the torrent and feel pretty damn happy with yourself.

Puerto Galera History

  • Cross at Muelle – The marble cross commemorates the sinking of the opponent’s battleship during the American war.
  • Kuta – The oldest Puerto Galera fortress built by the Spaniards. You could also take a glimpse at old cannons.
  • Baluarte in Lumang Bayan – The watchtower was utilised by the Christian settlers to be prepared for any invasion.
  • Excavation Museum – Boasts pottery from China and Siam, as well as Ming dynasty burial jars.
  • Simbahang Bato – Literally translates to “stone church”, it is one of the oldest churches in the region.

Puerto Galera Art & Culture

  • Mangyan Settlements – Immersed with the rich culture of the original inhabitants of Mindoro.
  • Moriones Festival – A religious festival held before Easter. People wear oversized masks and costumes.
  • Sanduguan Festival – It depicts the blood compact done by the Mangyans and the Chinese traders.
  • Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival – Blends together traditional and contemporary arts to raise awareness for the environment.
  • Puerto Galera Fine Arts – A family-owned business wherein the works of Wilfredo Rufon and other local artists are showcased.

Puerto Galera Shopping

  • Candava Mini-mart – A grocery store that sells both local and imported goods.
  • Produce Market – You can get the freshest produce in Puerto Galera.
  • Souvenir shops – White beach is lined with stores that sell T-shirts, handicrafts and sarongs.
  • Le Bistro D’ Agathe – If you are craving authentic French pastries, this is the place to go.
  • Tree of Life – Sells coco oil from the coconut tree.

Gay & Lesbian Puerto Galera

  • Stretch of White Beach – Centre of nightlife, home to a series of bars.
  • Mindoro Sling – The cocktail that is truly native to the island is a must-try.
  • Floating Bar – A unique Puerto Galera bar floating in the sea with overflowing drinks and foods.
  • Hemingway Bar and Restaurant – Inspired by the travels of Ernest Hemingway, mostly frequented by writers.
  • Sabang Shores – At night it gets R-rated, as there are also bars featuring pole dancers.

Puerto Galera Outdoor

  • Tamaraw Falls – It is a picturesque Puerto Galera scene, although not as majestic as the other falls in the country.
  • Mt Malasimbo – Reaching Bondong is truly an adventure of a lifetime.
  • Big La Laguna Beach – Irrefutable diving sites.
  • Poblacion Beach – Everyone comes here for its gorgeous beaches.
  • Mount Halcon – With such diverse flora and fauna, it definitely is for the nature lover.

Puerto Galera Sports

  • Try windsurfing at Aninuan Beach.
  • You don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie to try kayaking at Talipanan Beach.
  • Trekking along those unadulterated mountains of Bondong Jungle is simply awe-inspiring.
  • You may catch a swordfish or two while big-game fishing at Dalaruan Beach.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking reefs as you snorkel along Small La Laguna Beach.

Puerto Galera Events

Go bananas in March at the Banana Festival. Join the street party and watch the costumed dancers do their thing.

The Reggae Festival comes to town in April. Reggae amongst the ruins really has to be heard to be believed.

Senaku, or Holy Week, brings Puerto Galera’s extensive Catholic community out in force for Easter.

May’s Flores de Mayo is a coming-of-age festival for local children where flowers are carried to local churches.

National Tourism Week in September offers a great opportunity to experience local products and culture.

When To Go

Summer lasts from March until May and is dry, hot – averaging around 32ºC (90ºF) – and a popular time for visitors.

From June to October the tropical storms roll in, bringing lots of rain.

December to February sees more comfortable temperatures and an increase in tourists.

Getting Around

Puerto Galera is full of tricycles, which are the local equivalent to a taxi.

If you are feeling brave, consider hiring a scooter.

Jump on-board a boat to explore the coast and smaller islands.

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