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Favourite Cities and Hotels in Jordan

Dead Sea (Jordan) Hotels


Dead Sea Strolls

Sitting alongside the east coast of Jordan is the Dead Sea, one of the coolest natural wonders in the entire universe. Famous for its ability to make even the plumpest chubster feel light as a feather, this mammoth stretch of saline sea has to be felt to be believed. ... Read more »

Cure what ails you by stepping into the salty waters. Packed with dozens of minerals, the Dead Sea is known to cure everything from back pain to arthritis. And once you’re nicely covered in grit, take a handful of foul-smelling Dead Sea mud and slap it on until you’re covered – face included! The result will be Cleopatra-perfect skin in next to no time. Afterwards, take a dip into the super-luxe Hammamat Zarqa Ma’in Hot Springs, or the popular Herodus Spring for a freshwater rinse – you’ll probably need it!

Dead Sea’s Top 10

10. Gold Souq Want a golden ashtray for your diamond-encrusted cigarettes? You’ll find it (and plenty more) at this souq in Amman.

5. Karak Castle Visit this amazing, 12th century Crusader castle for your own Indiana Jones adventure. A 30-minute drive from the Dead Sea.

9. Grand Husseini Mosque At home in the northern city of Amman is this pink and white mosque, dating from the seventh century.

4. Bethany Beyond the Jordan The site where Jesus Christ is said to have been baptised. Which means it’s rather significant in religious terms.

8. Madaba The City of the Mosaics is famed for both its tile artworks and archaeological park/museum.

3. Mount Nebo If you don’t count the picture of you bobbing around like a cork, this mountain provides the best photo ops in Jordan.

7. Amman Beach This popular and budget-friendly beach is a more affordable way to experience the coolness of the Dead Sea.

2. Dead Sea Museum It may not be quite as fun as floating around in it, but learning about the Dead Sea is still pretty interesting.

6. Mujib Reserve The lowest nature reserve in the world is home to a canyon that’s perfect for a swim and abseil.

1. Dead Sea Don’t shave before bathing and cover up any cuts – the salt content is brutal!

Dead Sea History

  • Qumran: The Dead Sea Scrolls – The earliest documents that trace the history and daily lives of the Essenes, a mystical people that fled Jerusalem two millennia ago.
  • Lot’s Cave – According to the Bible, this is said to be the cave that Lot and his two daughters took refuge in when God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.
  • Masada – The place where many Jews decided to end their own lives rather than become enslaved by the Romans.
  • Herod’s Western and Northern Palaces – In the same spot as Masada are the ruins of these famous ancient palaces.
  • Bethany Beyond the Jordan – Archaeologists claim that this is the site of Jesus’ baptism in the Dead Sea area.

Dead Sea Art & Culture

  • Dead Sea Panoramic Complex – This collection of museums is solely dedicated to the Dead Sea and Jordan area.
  • Masada Sound and Light Show – Between the months of April and October, the Masada night sky is home to a dazzling light show.
  • Madaba – This nearby town is also known as the “City of Mosaics” and is home to some amazing Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics.
  • Attraktzia – This theme park has something for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Arad Visitors Centre – Here tourists will find a model of the Judean Desert along with a fascinating display of archaeological finds.

Dead Sea Shopping

  • Petra Shopping Centre – This shopping centre is home to a variety of amazing shops, as well as one or two well-known international franchises.
  • Wadi Rum – Quite often, a gypsy family camped out in this spot sells handcrafted Bedouin knives.
  • Aqaba – This is a great spot to buy beautiful narghilas (water pipes).
  • Bani Hamida Weaving Project – There is truly no better place to buy top-quality woven rugs near the Dead Sea.
  • Ahmed Sahedat – This is the best place to buy gorgeous modern jewellery.

Dead Sea Nightlife

  • 35 East Bar and Grill – The best BBQ in the area, serving fresh seafood and succulent meats.
  • The Cave Bar – A great place to pop in, have a late-night drink and just chill.
  • Amigo Pub – This lively, affordable pub is a great place to meet the locals.
  • Le Calle – Swing by this happy hour bar.
  • Eight Club – The nightclub where people really let loose.

Dead Sea Outdoor

  • Ein Gedi Nature Reserve – Enjoy 6,250 acres of natural beauty.
  • Mineral Beach – This is the perfect place to enjoy the restorative properties of Dead Sea water and mud.
  • Nachal David Stream – This neat little stream is well worth a visit.
  • Hamai Zohar Public Beach – This beach offers gender-separate bathing opportunities.
  • Mount Nebo – From here, travellers can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the Holy Land.

Dead Sea Sport

  • Enjoy ancient chariot races at Jaresh.
  • Go abseiling down the canyons (straight into the water!) in Jordan near the Dead Sea.
  • Join an organized diving session in Aqaba.
  • Go on a camel-back ride in the desert near Amman.
  • Take the time to enjoy a scenic hiking trail in Dana.

Dead Sea Events

Amateurs and professionals flock to the lowest point on Earth for the Tour de Dead Sea in March to cycle, camp and vote for their beloved body of water in the New7Wonders campaign.

April’s Dead Sea Ultra Marathon isn’t just a long run; it’s a gruelling expedition in the sizzling heat. Consider watching with a cold beer.

Head up to Amman for the Amman International Theatre Festival in April for a performance-art extravaganza of shows and workshops.

If you’re keen for a laugh (or a grimace), head to nearby Amman for the Amman Stand-Up Comedy Festival in December. International Night and Closing Night performances are in English.

When To Go

Dead Sea summers are scorching. The average temp is 40°C (104ºF), so drink plenty of water.

Winters are far more bearable, with temperatures ranging from about 22°C to 27ºC (72-80ºF).

December and January are the rainiest months, but that’s not saying much in a desert!

Getting Around

  • Walking the streets is convenient but can be dangerous in the heat unless you’re absolutely plastered in sunscreen.
  • Hiring a car can be pricey but is the best way to go if you’re travelling in a group. Make sure you get one with air conditioning!
  • Minibuses are cheap, but a little irritating – they won’t leave until all seats are taken.

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