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Favourite Cities and Hotels in Australia

Many established and well-worn walking tracks traverse the more beautiful parts of the island.

Cycling is a great way to explore the island, with plenty of hirers offering competitive rates.

Ferries allow easy access to Phillip Island from major Victorian centres.

Phillip Island Hotels


Fantastic Phillip Island

Phillip Island is famous for two things: penguins and motorbikes (sadly, not penguins on motorbikes, which would definitely be worth a look). But that’s not all it has to offer… ... Read more »

Phillip Island is just that – an island. A beautiful Victorian island 140km southeast of Melbourne, composed of wildlife parks and nature reserves, where the population quadruples in size annually for the Motorcycle Grand Prix. The other major attraction is Penguin Parade, which sees the dainty birds making their run for the sea. There’s a less-obvious but equally enthralling side to the island, too. There are animals making tiny cubbies in abandoned trees and surf spots that feel like you’re the first person to discover them. It’s the beautiful and undisturbed purity of the place that makes it so interesting to visit. You’ll come for the penguins and bikes, but you’ll stay for so many more reasons.

Phillip Island's TOP 10

10. The Nobbies Overlooking the rugged waters of Bass Strait, the Nobbies are perfect for catching a glimpse of a native fur seal or taking a stroll along the wooden promenade.

5. A Maze ’N Things Built to test your perception and senses, the park is equipped with a wooden maze, a mini golf course and halls of mirrors.

9. Phillip Island Chocolate Factory You’ll feel like you’ve stumbled on Willy Wonka himself when you step through the doors into this delicious factory.

4. Koala Conservation Centre Beautifully preserved nature strip that allows you to get up close and personal with these furry, eucalyptus-munching marsupials.

8. Rhyll Trout and Bush Tucker Farm Ever wanted to learn to fish? Or know which berries are the good ones? A unique and totally Aussie experience.

3. Churchill Island Heritage Park Step back in time on a farm where cottages meant industry and food meant fresh from the land.

7. National Vietnam Veterans Museum Preserving the memory of a war that most of Australia wants to forget, this museum holds artefacts, photographs, vehicles and weapons.

2. Phillip Island Nature Park A natural zoo – home to a plethora of local fauna, including koalas, kangaroos and, of course, penguins.

6. Penguin Parade Get as close as you want to these little black and white critters.

1. Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit Arguably Australia’s favourite racetrack. If you’re a rev head, this island is paradise.

Phillip Island Events

Shannon’s Phillip Island Festival in March brings classic cars to the island. This festival is for the dedicated collector rather than just the big spender.

October’s Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix is the greatest show on two wheels, with world champion bike racers calling the island home for an entire weekend.

The Phillip Island Jazz Festival will get you moving in November with red-hot jazz pouring out the seams.

When To Go

· Every day at dusk, you get the chance to watch the Phillip Island Penguins brave elements and predators on their journey to the sea.

· The best time to visit Victoria and its islands is during spring and autumn, when the crowds are down but the temperatures are still bearable.

Philip Island, Australia

Philip Island is located 87 miles (140 km) southeast of Melbourne, Victoria. Known for its Penguin Parade, the island offers many fun attractions, events and natural beauty for visitors to enjoy, as well as a rich history in motor racing and surfing that is still prevalent today. Whether its motor racing or petting a koala, this Australian getaway promises to be packed with adventure and excitement..

Philip Island Attractions

  • Philip Island Nature Park
  • Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit
  • Bass Valley Estate

Philip Island Activities

  • Tour the Phillip Island Chocolate Factory
  • Pet a koala at the Maru Koala and Animal Park
  • Kayak around the island

Philip Island Climate

Phillip Island experiences much milder weather than that of Melbourne, thanks to blowing ocean breezes. The daily average temperature during the summer is around 77°F (25°C). In winter, the temperatures only drop down to about 56°F (13°C), making any time of the year suitable for visiting.

Getting There & Around

To get to Philip Island, most will fly into Melbourne Airport and drive down to the island. The motorways M1 to M420 take travellers to Bass Highway (A420) and then to B420. From there, follow signs to San Remo and cross the bridge to the island. Visitors can also take a bus, train or ferry from Melbourne to the island..

Getting around the island is typically done on bike. Bike tracks are safe and reach all major attractions. There is an island taxi service as well that is affordable and fast..

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The Island Accommodation Phillip Island
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The Island Accommodation Phillip Island is just a short stroll from the beaches, nightlife venues, cafes, restaurants ... More hotel details


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